We envision a society of Caringers —individuals who deeply care, empathise and nurture our world.

And we are on a mission to offer every child, regardless of their economic, social, or cultural background, an equal chance to develop social and emotional skills.

What children say?


What is the problem?

According to OECD’s Survey of Social and Emotional Skills, in 2021, on average, socio-economically advantaged students reported higher social and emotional skills than their socio-economically disadvantaged peers in all cities participating in the survey. Nevertheless, research consistently demonstrates that social and emotional skills significantly contribute to success and well-being in adulthood:
Standford University
Harvard University
Successful career
75% of a person's successful career is due to their social skills.
How successful an employee will be depends at 85% on their social skills.
Queen's University
University College London
73% of employers in the future will value the social skills of their employees the most.
Have proven a positive relationship between social skills and well-being as an adult.

What is our solution?

A digital educational platform that enables primary school students to engage in a gamified team-based learning and join the Caringers’ socially responsible community worldwide.
President Rumen Radev of Bulgaria honored The Caringers with the prestigious Innovation in Education award.
Dr. Krasimir Valchev, the Minister of Education in Bulgaria, actively engaged with students during a tournament hosted by The Caringers.
The Caringers' tournament was officially opened by Mariya Gabriel, the Euro Commissioner.
so far:
15 tournaments
482 teams
5263 kids
214 schools
63 cities
31 small villages
9 ecological NGOs
10000 EUR donated
to ecological causes

What is our reach?

The premier Bulgarian private school Sv. Sofia has been at the forefront in recognizing the immense potential of our platform and wholeheartedly embracing our innovative approach in their educational program. They have not only expressed their deep appreciation for The Caringers through a heartfelt poem but have also organized a moving event to acknowledge our contributions with utmost gratitude. This inspiring collaboration between an educational institution and an EdTech startup exemplifies the remarkable outcomes that can be achieved when working together harmoniously.

Is there a real impact?